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This Week
May 9-15, 1996

Bible-Belted: South Valley
evangelicals rage in a new holy war
targeting gay domestic partnerships,
yet some of the strongest voices on
same-sex marriages come straight
from the fold. Also, one man's story
of how next-of-kin laws were used
to ban him from the home he and his partner shared. Plus, a Metroactive photo essay, Family Portraits.

Virtual Vacation: At the commercialized Internet World Convention, the closest thing to the edge turned up in "Oz," in a corner of the big white tent.

Public Eye: Calderón offers effusive apology for gay-related comments and peacenik Campbell takes a stand on Bosnia.

Polis Report: The Golden Age of the talk show has officially passed.

DeCinzo: Caller, I Don't.

Arts & Entertainment
Burial Sights: Cemetery Man raises the dead in an intellectual zombie fest.

Stars Fell on Albania: Gianni Amelio's Lamerica serves up horrors too painful for anything but laughs.

Dead Man, Not Walking: Dead Man is the kind of movie you wish you could blame on drugs.

Cracker in the World: David Lowery of Cracker talks about hating his generation, camping in Beethoven's van and riding Santa Cruz's "Big Dipper."

Wolf Tracks: On Colossal Head, Los Lobos traces a blues line from the Delta to East L.A.

Feel Alright: Singer-songwriter Steve Earle comes to terms with his many demons.

A Major A Minor: SJ Symphony's Shostakovich is a revelation.

Beat Street: Will the wolves survive? Oh yeah.

Audiofile: The latest CDs by Busta Rhymes, Korea Girl, and O'Landa Draper & the Associates.

Fools of Wisdom: Jason Lutes tells his stories between the panels in a brilliant new comic book.

Art Is Where the Cafe Is: Two new galleries flourish on South First Street.

Couch Potato No More: Techno-artist Nam Jun Paik's Couch Potato installation comes to a close, but you can still peruse the winning pearls of futuristic wisdom from Metro/SJ Museum of Art's Couch Potato Contest.

Addicted to Love: TheatreWorks argues the case in Sondheim's Passion.

Fresh Choice: Local chefs take advantage of the abundance of fresh, seasonal produce.

Jonesin' for Some Java: A coffee sociologist examines the social hierarchy of caffeine addicts.

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