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Rent Relief
Los Gatos--Looks like area teachers won't have to live in cardboard boxes come fall. The city's planning commission recently approved a project that includes three apartments reserved for local teachers.

Developer Bill Errico plans to convert the lots at 17435 and 17443 Farley Road into a mixed-use development--consisting of one 46,000-square-foot storage building and six one-bedroom apartments, as well as an existing single-family home.

No Cigar
Willow Glen--San Jose police arrested a San Jose man accused of two recent Willow Glen bank robberies less than an hour after the suspect pulled off the second heist. Murl Gardner Salmon, 30, was stopped by police shortly after robbing a Wells Fargo branch at 1250 Lincoln Ave.

Salmon's attempts to flee ended when an officer fired two shots at his truck, blowing out the rear tire. The suspect eventually lost control of the vehicle, hit a curb and was booked into Santa Clara County jail on $30,000 bail. Police said he got away with less than $1,000 cash in both robberies.

Feeling Tipsy
Sunnyvale--Instead of cops and robbers, members of the Sunnyvale Public Safety Department played philanthropic last week at Spoons Bar and Grill.

In the first ever Tip-a-Cop fundraiser, cops accompanied the restaurant's servers, busboys and hosts to tell customers about Special Olympics. After a brief description of the organization, the cops left donation envelopes on the table and told the customers that any money, in addition to the tip they leave, will go toward Special Olympics.

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