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Writing on the Wall
How Ron Richardson's mission to end graffiti in his College Park neighborhood turned into a tale of terror.

Break Dancing
Campbell--What's a homesick Muscovite to do in this hostile land of palm trees and organic salads? For 12 years area Russians, Poles and Romanians have journeyed to the Russian Cafe and Deli from as far away as Calistoga for borscht and pickles, and now they have something else to look forward to--live music, a full bar and dancing until midnight. The Cafe's past holiday parties have sure been a hit, says owner Rimma Brisker: "Last year," she laughs, "one man dance so hard, his pants break." Neighbors, worried about the noise, fought the original 2am closing time, and planning commissioners have cautiously set forward a one-year trial permit.

Care Bear
Cupertino--It's never too late to reverse the atrocities inflicted on a teddy bear. Eyes chewed off? Stuffing oozing from ripped-off arms? No problem! This weekend at West Valley Presbyterian Church's Teddy Bear Fair, the Teddy Bear Hospital's 11 doctors, dentists, psychologists and triage nurses will stitch up the little guy, offer him some PTSD counseling and send him back to his tormentors, ready for Round Two. Procedures can get pretty risky; last year one bear got a sawdust transfusion.

Hey, Diddle Diddles!
THE PRIVACY OF YOUR OWN HOME--Finally, a chance to parlay the national hobby into a tax-deductible charity drive! The First National Masturbate-A-Thon is coming up on May 7, and as part of the festivities of National Masturbation Month, the organizers at Good Vibrations are inviting participants to fill out pledge forms and "come for a good cause." Proceeds will go to regional AIDS and HIV organizations. Other attractions include various workshops and the Masturbation Hall of Fame.

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