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Lou Reed
Thursday, June 26; 7:30pm; $35-$55
Mountain Winery, 14831 Pierce Road, Saratoga; 408.741.0763

Lou Reed. Try to imagine the course of alternative music without Reed's involvement. He forecasted everything that's come to pass in college-radio rock during the past 30 years, and his influence has not ended yet. Reed, a poetry student at Syracuse University who studied under Delmore Schwarz in both verse and substance abuse, drifted down the river to the city to become the brains behind the Velvet Underground. The ultimate high-toned garage band--the house orchestra for Warhol and his gang--was the laboratory for so many subcategories. Count them: Gender-fuck music (developed as Reed's lovable bisexual-pride solo album Transformer). Cacophony: Reed's infamous Metal Machine Music was considered the most unplayable record anyone had made, until the advent of Red Crayola. Lastly. Most lastingly, Reed and the Velvets sired both heroin-folk and its identical twin, emo. Yes, we must not forget King Cale and Nico's Arnold Schwarzeneggerian crooning, and how both artists contributed to the Velvet's peerless audio visions of ghastly hangover, rat abatement, junk sickness, sodomy ache and bounced rent checks. Yet Reed's offhand whine was the essence of the Velvets. If you seek a memorial to Reed, reader, stick your head into any nightclub today. Reed is on tour promoting his collected works: two dozen deathless songs bundled by BMG under the title NYC Man, to be released in the United States June 3. Here's a musical journey that tracks our hero from library to Factory to syringe-littered alley and back to the library again. Reed's newest work is a Puttin' on the Hits version of Poe's "The Raven," read aloud with musical accompaniment. Reed proposes that Poe's work sums up his two questions in life: "Who Am I?" and "Why am I drawn to do what I should not?"

(Richard von Busack)

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