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This Week
May 23-29, 1996

Shuttlebucks: Amid Coke
experiments, and the weird science
of privatization, it's worth wondering
whether the next flag to be planted
in space may be atop an orbiting
Hilton. Whether NASA gets a
piece of the action may depend upon "brilliant pebbles" and death rays.

Also, check out Metroactive's Summer Guide '96 for a complete calendar of sizzling south bay events during the next three months.

Nobody's Business: The latest in a long trail of evicted Pavilion merchants say their landlord and the Redevelopment Agency led them down the garden path, and they'll prove it in court.

Public Eye: The wacky world of telecom deregulation left Peninsulites hanging, while a shocking Salvation Army luncheon served up everything from soup to nuts.

Polis Report: Advertising's in the toilet.

Cold Warrior: Tom Cruise attempts the impossible.

Chilly Scenes: Cold Fever is full of Iceland's eccentrics.

Horsing Around: The French epic, The Horseman on the Roof, aims for old-fashioned Hollywood gloss.

The Way of the Whigs: The Afghan Whigs prove that the smaller the club, the bigger the show.

The Sun Ra Also Rises: Local label explores the jazz avant-garde from Evan Parker and Beth Custer to a new Sun Ra tribute.

Box Populi: Box Set revisits the bliss and love era.

Beat Street: Popular DJ night crosses South First; King Raffi moves to right side of dial.

Audiofile: The latest CDs by Jonny Polonsky, Dreadformation, Oasis, and the Gufs.

The Spice in the Melting Pot: Asian-American novelist Gus Lee talks about his multicultural thriller Tiger's Tail.

Wages of Poetry: Clemens Starck brings a craftsman's care to the hard labor of poetry.

Nudes and Notions: Alan Miller defies Puritans while Jerome Witkin questions true believers at Spratt Gallery.

Main Event: Eulipia has returned to the North American repertoire with some serious ideas about no-nonsense food, long on updated grill classics, sensuous seafoods and hearty appetizers.

Vegging Out: Exploring Pasand and the exotic cuisine of South India.

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