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Wheel Annoying
Those shopping carts are not personal caravans, laundry carts or toys! Retailers revolt with a slew of shopping cart protection devices.

Buffy Spiked
Willow Glen--Deep in their poetic souls, the young residents of Willow Glen are suffering in the wake of a television network's tragic decision to pull the final episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The WB network is playing the old "out-of-sympathy-and-compassion" saw, claiming the episode's violence might disturb the families and communities reeling from the "recent senseless acts of violence" on high school campuses. Whatever. Says Noah's Bagels employee Rebecca Crittenden, 22, "It was so lame because they showed Part One last week and a preview for Part Two, and Angel's supposed to be leaving this season." (Angel, Buffy's boyfriend, pioneers his own spinoff this fall.)

Din of Iniquity
Saratoga--If the citizens of Saratoga, Los Gatos, Campbell, Cupertino and Monte Sereno were to form a cheerleading squad, their song might go like this: We're tired of that noisy jive from ugly, stinky 85! The high sound walls and canyonlike trough in which Highway 85 rests make for bad road noise, and West Valleyites are requesting revisitation of a 1996 noise-mitigation project in which resurfacing was named as a possible solution. The disquiet comes just as VTA and the Board of Supes begin vigorous cogitation over some $561 million spawned by Measures A and B.

Longs Thugs
Los Gatos--Rinconada Pharmacy--the last drug store in the South Bay that mixes its own ingredients--may lose the fight against landlord Duckett Wilson Management Company, opening the way for a Longs Drug Store that can pay higher rents. Early in May, the LA-based management company issued David and Vivian Matsuo their 30-day notice, but the couple are planning to fight the eviction. Meanwhile, property manager Tom Wilson says if the Matsuos don't leave, he's considering locking the doors and letting the police handle it.

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