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Man Down Downtown
How a case of mistaken identity led to the near-fatal beating of19-year-old Aaron Rivera in downtown San Jose and another brutality investigation of the SJPD.

Pocket Change
Los Gatos--Those unsightly county pockets of land scattered throughout the tidy town of Los Gatos will be no more, if county and town officials have their way. An annexation plan would incorporate 1,231 of the county's parcels into the town proper. If any of the 3,000 residents living in these pockets aren't excited about the prospect of becoming official members of the town of the cats, the county has a helpful guide: the "Annexation Answers Book." Santa Clara County is trying to off some 126 pockets of county land currently trapped within the borders of the county's 15 cities as part of the its Urban Pockets Program.

The Way It Was
Campbell--The movie house in Campbell's Pruneyard shopping center went dark after 30 years this week following a decision by United Artists not to renew their lease. "This one here happens to be a very small multiplex theater," said Roger Leclerc who manages development for UA's western region. "Megaplexes put us into a situation where we couldn't compete in a small theater like this." Ron Szalay, who manages the still-small Almaden Cinema 5 theater called the decision "sad," and says he has already received applications from displaced UA employees. "It's sad," he said, "because it was the way it was."

Roof and Ready
Sunnyvale--Wednesday was no ordinary day for a Sunnyvale elementary school principal last week, who was forced to spend the day on the roof of her school following taunts from students. Of course, principal Lorraine Moore asked for it, by promising to spend a day at higher elevations if students at Braly Elementary read more than 20,000 books during the school year. They did and she stuck to her word, showing up with a bright blue sun umbrella, shades and, of course, a good book.

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