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Robbers at Large
Cupertino--For three tense hours on June 11, schoolchildren at Cupertino Middle School and West Valley Elementary School waited on locked-down campuses, while officers from six law enforcement agencies searched a Sunnyvale creek for two men suspected of robbing Cal Fed Bank at 19300 Stevens Creek Blvd. and running down a motorcycle cop. The search ended when officers apprehended one of the suspects, Geoffrey Williams, 40, of East Palo Alto, but the other managed to elude capture and remains at large.

All Revved Up
Saratoga--Sheriff's deputies have recently started to patrol from a faster, less conspicuous car--a Chevy Camaro. The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office Westside Substation acquired a Camaro about three weeks ago and is equipping another one. The two-door Camaro is a departure from the Crown Victorias and Chevy Impalas--both which are four-door sedans--that the substation bought in the past. Although the four-door sedans are better cars overall for patrol, the Camaro "gives a good, positive image that the sheriff's office is serious about traffic enforcement," said Sgt. Ted Atlas.

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