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Jeann Carlo G. and Tonna O.
Gettin' Down: Jeann Carlo G. and Tonna O. get sweaty on the dance floor at Club Miami.

Miami Vice

Best spot to meet a man with snakeskin shoes

By Mary Spicuzza

Club Miami
177 W. Santa Clara, SJ 408.279.3670

DRENCHED IN SWEAT, he gave me a come-hither grin while trying to spin me at the speed of light. The songs the man with the snakeskin shoes and I danced to during the early morning hours at Club Miami blend into a haze, but I do remember my dance partner had some of the smoothest moves imaginable. During one of the brief moments when my vision wasn't blurred from relentless twisting, a glance at my salsa partner's large cowboy hat and pointy-toed shoes revealed why Club Miami is so irresistible.

There are plenty of spots to sit in downtown San Jose, looking poised while practicing perfect posture and sipping microbrews. In some swanky bars you can sit for hours without a shy Silicon Valley boy even coming within a three-barstool radius, much less one trying to spark a conversation. But at Club Miami complete strangers will not only ask women to dance, they often ask two or three times if the first attempt is unsuccessful. These persistent, fleet-footed fellas then try the time-tested technique of grabbing a potential partner by the wrist and dragging her to the dance floor, or simply just moving on to the nearest female and trying again.

There's nothing hip and trendy about this club. Palm trees are really disguised poles. The club drags out the inflatable hot pink lips for Valentine's Day, and the place essentially specializes in macrobrews and overly icy margaritas. While it's not a spot to scope out the latest in raver fashions, many of the gals still indulge in body glitter and impossible platforms. And Club Miami promises plenty of opportunities to get sweaty with complete strangers while hunting down men whose footwear puts Crocodile Dundee to shame.

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From the June 22-28, 2000 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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