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Movie Madness
Cupertino--A theater is not only a place to be cinematically entertained, it's the hub of a community. At least that's the view of some 1,000 Cupertinans who signed a petition to protest a city scheme to demolish The Oaks movie house and put up a 32,000-square-foot Andronico's grocery store instead. Despite the flood of disapproving dissenters, the Planning Commission went ahead and rubber-stamped plans last week for the theater's demise. Once complete, the upscale food shop, in The Oaks Shopping Center, will house a cooking school inside.

Bye Bye Birdie
Los Gatos--There's nothing like a little neighborly affection. Aileen Prince of Marchmont Drive has smacked the folks next door with charges of emotional distress and mental suffering surrounding the 1998 murder of her prized peacock. The 16-year-old boy who allegedly flogged Prince's feathery friend to death claims he was only defending himself against a crazed critter; the teen's parents add heated complaints that "Pretty Bird" had assaulted their cat several days before the killing. Their lawyer is calling the suit petty and "ridiculous," while the plaintiff's makes the case for animal cruelty.

Ball Boy
Willow Glen--Matt Durkin can throw a ball 90 mph. That's as fast as a few college players and most major leaguers. And he's only 17. The soon to be senior at WIllow Glen High has gone off on an Asian excursion to play ball with the best of them. Handpicked as one of only 18 nationwide to do so, Durkin will be pitching in the Japan-USA Goodwill Series, a precursor to the pro careers of many a major-league baseball player. Bombarded by college scouts, the kid's already gotten a request from the Boston Red Socks for his school's game schedule next season.

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