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Scooter Shorts
Campbell--At one time, Campbell was a hog town; now, scooters roam the city's confines. As evidence to the street vehicle's popularity, the first-ever Scooter Film Festival will be held on June 30, from 7pm to 9pm, at the King's Head Pub in Campbell. Festival organizer April Whitney, who has been a scooter owner and rider for the past five years, said the festival is an opportunity for riders to show the videotaped footage they have collected during cross country rides and rallies. For more information call Whitney at 408.924.0857.

Stinky Chlorine
Saratoga--Saratoga Springs, a picnic and campground resort, recently pleaded guilty in Santa Clara County Superior Court to charges stemming from a chlorine spill last summer. The resort will pay the state $23,000 in fines and damages for negligently discharging a pollutant in state waters. After the chlorine killed some 500 rainbow trout in Booker and Saratoga creeks, California Department of Fish and Game officials traced the chemical to a swimming pool storage shed at Saratoga Springs. Resort manager Brad Giannini is relieved to have the issue resolved and blames a contractor who placed the storage shed's drain pipe out into the stream bank along Booker Creek.

No Ash, Good Ash
Sunnyvale--One of the city's largest neighborhood associations is seeking to stop a crematory from being built in their residential area. In a meeting on June 14, the Heritage District Neighborhood Association argued their property values will decrease as a result of the ash, odor, noise and toxins the crematory will produce. According to the association, research shows up to a 20 percent decrease in property value when a crematory is located in a residential area. In their efforts to stop the construction, the association has already filed a lawsuit against the city of Sunnyvale.

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