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Goating Lite
Sunnyvale--Got your goat? Apparently Sunnyvale did. The city is experimenting with the use of goats to perform vegetation control for its 93-acre landfill. On June 20, 60 goats were unloaded onto the hills of the landfill and strategically placed so they graze a couple of acres at a time, enclosed by solar powered electric fences. Environmental Engineering Coordinator William Theyskens said grazing on the landfill doesn't harm the goats, and the goats don't harm the wildlife. According to the sMart Station, using goats reduces the use of motorized vehicles, which in turn reduces air pollution.

Los Gatos--A proposed trail along a local railroad could potentially serve as a transportation corridor for commuters. The project's consultant said that since the trail would run near popular hubs, such as De Anza and West Valley colleges, and the proposed light rail station in Los Gatos, it could be used for more than just recreational purposes. The 8.7-mile-long trail would parallel a portion of the Union Pacific Railroad tracks, running through Los Gatos, Campbell, Saratoga and Cupertino.

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