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Isn't She Lovely
Los Gatos--In a beauty contest of sorts for downtown facades, Los Gatos has made its way into the top ten thanks to the Chamber's committee of beautification whizzes. The town is vying for a national award from the paint industry, to be designated one of the "Prettiest Painted Places" in our already pretty country. In conjuction with Architectural Digest and Better Homes and Gardens, judges from the Paint Quality Institute will visit nine other California cities, plus others nationwide, and declare the most comely candidate by September.

Biting the Boot
Sunnyvale--To part with the bottle is no easy task, which is why the redevelopment schemes of Sunnyvale lawmakers to quash the meeting place for local addicts sure aren't helping the recovery process. The Alano Club, short for Alcoholics Anonymous, was evicted from its 7,100-square-foot property on S. Taaffe and Olive Streets when the edifice was recently redesignated as office space. The club housed 40 meetings weekly in a place where folks could call on a sympathetic ear 15 hours a day, 7 days a week. As a nonprofit seeking reduced rent, organizers are struggling to find the gig a new home.

That's a Wrap
Willow Glen--San Jose police have come under scrutiny after a violent struggle with a 41-year-old man ended in his death Saturday. On a domestic violence call to the Canoas Garden area, police apparently arrived at the scene and escorted out a bruised woman and her two children. Her boyfriend, Shaheed Jamal Daniels, reportedly was kicking wildly and drunk and refused to be handcuffed. Police say they were finally forced to use what they call a "wrap" to restrain the man's legs. At that point, they discovered Daniels' pulse had stopped. Police say they're waiting on a coroner's report before launching an investigation.

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