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High Annexiety
Los Gatos--County and town officials heading up a drive to incorporate three county pockets put on their first community meetings last week, and many of the residents who turned out didn't make any secret of their feelings about being annexed by the town--they want to be left alone. "Once you're annexed, you're dead," said one non-city dweller, clearly unimpressed by officials' promises that annexation would not bring higher property taxes, different school districts or curbs and sidewalks. There's still hope for the rugged individualists: If more than half the residents of a given pocket sign a petition opposing annexation, the county and town will drop the matter.

Profile Files
Sunnyvale--The Sunnyvale police department has adopted a plan to monitor itself for evidence of racial profiling. Starting between July and October--when a new computerized dispatch system is up and running--officers will record the reason and result of each stop as well as the race of the detainee. The San Jose chapter of the NAACP couldn't be happier, especially since the impetus for the program came from the rank and file and not from image-conscious administrators.

Battle of Broadway
Willow Glen--In spite of three hours of protest from a standing-room-only crowd of parents, the San Jose Unified school board approved a recommendation to put Broadway High School in a collection of portable buildings at the end of the playfields at John Muir Middle School. Broadway, a continuation school serving kids who drop out of other San Jose Unified schools, got bumped from its home to make way for River Glen Elementary's Spanish immersion program and has had trouble finding new digs. Broadway supporters say people have misconceptions about the students, and Muir parents say they're worried about their kids' safety.

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