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Howdy Neighbor
Willow Glen--Maynard Mansion, famous for its one-page ads in local community newspapers advertising grand furniture and estate sales, is back in business following a testy conflict between its owners and surrounding neighbors.

Residents on Brace Avenue and Iris Court north of Minnesota Avenue had filed an appeal with the city protesting Maynard Mansion's permit authorizing its use for retail purposes two weekends out of each month. But two weeks ago they met privately with the owners of the historic residence at 1151 Minnesota Ave., and the following day retracted their protest in a gesture of old-fashioned neighborliness.

Maynard Mansion owner John Andrews and his son, Steve Nyblom, have lived in the house and used it for weekend custom furniture sales since the mid-1990s. In March, city code enforcement officials found the building violated its permit, which allowed for restaurant use by the mansion's previous occupant, Lisa's Tea Treasures tea house.

Jaw Jangling
Cupertino--A human jawbone discovered in a Cupertino yard is believed to have belonged to a prehistoric Native American. The Sheriff's Office transferred the bone from Maureen Sykora's garden, where it was found, to the county coroner's office, where medical examiner Marie Robinson inspected it.

The jawbone, according to anthropologist Lorna Pierce, contained three molars, each very worn. The wear pattern does not fit the typical pattern seen on the dentition of California prehistoric Native Americans, she says, but the wear does suggest a prehistoric diet. Because of this, she has suggested that the bone go to the California Native American Heritage Commission in Sacramento, which normally deals with recovered Native American remains.

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