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This Week
July 25-31, 1996

Space Cases: The skeptical cast
dispersions on the notion of alien
visitations, but UFO sightings,
lore and research refuse to go
away. Could it be because it's
real? A leading British UFO
gives Metroactive the
scoop on coverups and crackpots, while a local author debunks the moon landing.

Plus, the alien revolution
has been televised:

An X-Phile's view of TV's deepest, darkest show. What Orson Welles would say about Independence Day and novelist Jay McInerney's experience with The Arrival.

Burrowing From Peter: Under Gov. Pete Wilson, bureaucratic maneuverings threaten to gut environmental protections, putting the habitat of Santa Clara County's burrowing owl and some 200 other dwindling species at risk.

Polis Report: The secret Asian men of TV news.

Arts & Entertainment
All's Fair: The Santa Clara County Fair adds thrills and hot tunes to their traditional repertoire.

The Wrath of Khan: Richard von Busack interviews the highest-kicking, hardest-punching woman in film--Michelle Khan, co-star of Supercop.

Sappy Scare: 'The Frighteners' squeezes your heart right in your chest.

We're Here, We're Queer: 'Stonewall' film recalls famous gay-rights battle that started the queer revolution.

Chick Flick Heaven: 'Walking and Talking' is strong enough for a man, yet made for a woman.

Back to Bass-ics: Once hailed and then ignored, San Jose rap heroes 10Bass T hope to recapture their audience.

Pass the Jazz: Steve Coleman brings a message of creativity to the Stanford Jazz Workshop.

Sounding Out the Movies: The Cabrillo Music Festival features the music behind the scenes.

Raising the Dead: Jazzman David Murray gives new life to the Grateful Dead on his 'Dark Star' album.

Beat Street: The name change is just the beginning for SoFA '96.

Night Show: Shakespeare Santa Cruz updates 'Twelfth Night' with a light hand.

Hey, Hey, We're the Monk-ees: Dan Kwong takes a big cut at Asian and male stereotypes in 'Monkhood in 3 Easy Lessons.'

Shadow Lands: ICA San Jose explores the play of shadows.

Bistro Consciousness: A calibrated infusion of daily specials tune up the repertoire at Mike's Cafe, where a long list of affordable, but well-designed sandwiches and fabulous entrees shine.

Vegging Out: Get sandwich happy at downtown San Jose's latest cafe incarnation, Camera Cafe.

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