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This Week
August 1-7, 1996

Gambling on Gambling:
San Jose's gaming clubs make
big money by courting Asian
patrons--which, in turn,
brings substantial tax
revenues to the city.
But members of the
Asian community think the hidden costs of high-tech crime, child abuse and gambling addiction are too high.

Swampland Special: Ninety small-time investors in property near the Guadalupe River Park say the city chased away developers and dashed their chances to cash in on a $3 million investment.

Polis Report: Place your bets on the 1996 presidential election.

Public Eye: Tom McEnery alienates Bill Clinton.

DeCinzo Cartoon: Who needs space aliens?

Arts & Entertainment
No Vein, No Gain: Danny Boyle's Trainspotting is a high-spirited, exuberant comedy about ... heroin addicts. But then, junkies have always been movie darlings.

Roundabout: Innocence is far from an absolute notion in Cyclo for Vietnamese film director Tran Anh Hung.

Like Clockwork: Fina Torres' lightweight comedy, Celestial Clockwork, teases the status quo.

Cinema of Identity: The Jewish Film Festival explores the multifaceted reality of the Jewish experience past and present.

Killing Creativity: A Time to Kill is distinguished in all of the categories of bad filmmaking.

Buggin': In MTV's Joe's Apartment, the roaches are more involving than the people.

All Rocked Out: Although he won a Grammy, South Bay musician Kevin Gilbert never got the recognition he deserved.

Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, Get Your Big Shows Here: Getting ready for the Lollapalooza, Kamp KOME and Summer Jam.

Grunge No More: The Melvins try to survive the grunge movement they fostered.

On the Bright Side: King Sunny Ade's world beat reigns supreme.

Beat Street: Rounding up the latest in local releases.

Audiofile: The latest CDs by Beck, Melton Mustafa Orchestra and Tears for Fears.

Touché for Tartuffe: Shakespeare Santa Cruz's production skewers society, French and American.

STOMPing Grounds: Percussion dance troupe delights in San Jose.

Wine and Dine: Santa Clara County has its share of vintage vines--which really are getting better, not older.

Natural High at the Beef Club: Niman Schell delivers some of the best-tasting, lavishly marbled meat in the country.

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