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Big Shots
Cupertino--Owners of banks and jewelry stores gathered at the Cupertino Senior Center on July 19 as FBI agents and deputies from the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office offered advice on how to get rid of robbers. Cupertino has been the site of several violent robberies this year. After suggesting how to remain calm during a robbery, Deputy Randy Bynum gave a brief update about the case involving Archie Doty, a robber who died on De Anza Boulevard after a traffic deputy shot him three times at the conclusion of a high-speed pursuit.

Wasn't Me
Campbell--William Carl Jahn's lawyer admitted last week that his client was at the scene of a double homicide in 1984, but said Jahn was a victim--not a perpetrator.

Jahn, the former owner of Campbell's Central Bodyworks, is on trial for his alleged participation in the Sept. 15, 1984, shooting deaths of two Cambrian Park residents.

Harry Robertson, Jahn's lawyer, told the jury that his client showed up at John Evans' house on Ronda Drive to buy drugs at about 1am. When the shooting began, Jahn was hit in the wrist, abdomen, shoulder and buttocks. Evans and his half-brother, Mickie King, were killed in the shootout. Robertson said Jahn never contacted police or went to a hospital, because a friend told him that whoever shot him would probably come after him again because "these people don't like witnesses."

Trees 'n' Traffic
Los Gatos--More than 120 Monte Sereno and Los Gatos residents signed a petition opposing a three-home subdivision on Winchester Boulevard, citing traffic and the removal of redwood trees as two key reasons for their stance. The concerns were disputed by reports from two traffic engineers, stating that the subdivision would have a "minimal impact"on traffic circulation in the area.

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