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Still Missing
Los Gatos--Police are still looking for a woman who was reported missing from her Los Gatos home July 30. On July 27, Jeanine Harms had dinner with Janice Burnham and another friend at Bucca di Beppo in the Pruneyard Shopping Center in Campbell. She had a date at 7pm, Harms told Burnham, with a man she didn't know very well. Burnham and Harms were to meet later at Rock Bottom Brewery, also in the Pruneyard. That man, later identified by police as William Alex Wilson III of Santa Clara, is not considered a suspect in the case.

Police reports indicate that Harms and Wilson went to Court's Lounge in a group and returned to Rock Bottom. Another man, who has been interviewed by police, went with Harms to her house at around 10pm, and left at 1am.

Freewheeling Cops
Saratoga--Looks like the county sheriff's office is getting out of its office and through the Saratoga woods in a new summertime bicycle patrol program. Former substation Capt. Jeff Miles, who became commander of the field enforcement bureau in June, formed the idea because he wanted additional coverage for downtown Saratoga and the trails near Parker Ranch Road. According to sheriff's deputy Pete Evangel, one of the best ways to cover an area is on bikes, which are more maneuverable than patrol cars during commute hours.

Suspect Nabbed
Willow Glen--San Jose Police Department last month apprehended a suspect in a homicide near Willow Glen. Police have charged Santa Clara resident Chad Cleveland, 21, in the June 11 shooting of San Jose resident Jose Armando Aguila-Lopez, 21, on Willow Street near Mastic Street. Aguila-Lopez died from his wounds at San Jose Medical Center June 12, after Cleveland, a documented gang member, allegedly fired several shots at him.

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