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News around the South Bay this week

  • Campbell: The weedy Winchester Drive-In site could soon become a 24-acre R&D campus. Open space advocates, however, would prefer to turn the place into a park. So they circulated a petition to force the issue to the ballot. But they circulated two versions. The wording differed a little between the two, enough so that a superior court judge tossed it out. (400 words)

  • Gilroy: Among the top priority for Gilroy's sleepy police force is catching teenagers with a passion for spray paint. The Mayor, Mike Gilroy, has pledged to go after these tagging teens by foisting off repair bills and police costs on the kids and/or family members, publishing their names in the paper and possibly even suspending driver's licenses. So far the Gilroy PD has arrested 47 kids for tagging. The only problem is that many of these measures may be illegal, since almost all these kids are juveniles. (550 words)

  • Los Gatos/Saratoga: Television station KICU, a scrappy independent local broadcaster, is becoming a little bully, according to Saratoga's and Los Gatos's even-smaller public access stations, KSAR and KCAT. Following a recent Supreme Court decision, the san Jose station is kicking the little guys off the channel space they've occupied for a decade. (600 words)

  • San Jose: Last fall, Al Ruffo filed suit against the City of San Jose to prevent the move of City Hall from its current location on North First to East Santa Clara Street. Recently, Ruffo's lawyer filed an amended complaint listing eight more plaintiffs, including former mayor Ernest Renzel. Not named in the complaint, but also voicing her opposition to the move, is a third former mayor, Janet Gray Hayes, who told Metro she believes Ruffo's "on the right track." (250 words)

  • Berryessa: Just when everyone thought that the various sides had come to a working agreement to begin solving racial problems in the troubled Berryessa School District, Superintendent Herbert Wadley ha stirred up a hornets' nest--again. (600 words)

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