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Gateway Gift
Los Gatos--Drivers heading in Los Gatos south on Bascom Avenue may one day pass by a $25,000 sculpture aimed at welcoming drivers into town. The proposed artwork would be a gift from developers who are currently attempting to get the City Council's approval on construction of a two-story building on the corner of Los Gatos Boulevard and Burton Road. The building, which would house both retail and office space, would require the demolition of one home and a gas station. A public hearing is scheduled for Oct. 24.

Juco Cuts
Saratoga--To balance a state budget squeezed by the energy crisis and economic downturn, Gov. Gray Davis recently line-item-vetoed $126 million that the Legislature had approved for the state's 108 community colleges, including West Valley and De Anza Community Colleges. "It was just a shock," said West Valley-Mission District Chancellor Linda Salter. "We were all stunned by it."

District officials won't purchase any new supplies for the coming school year. They also plan to postpone maintenance on West Valley and Mission Colleges until 2002-2003.

Bike Thief City
Cupertino--Bike owners beware--an unknown thief or thieves stole five bikes near the Vallco Fashion Park between July 24 and 28, most of them from apartment complexes on Pruneridge Avenue. The sheriff's office has not apprehended any suspect in the robberies.

Similar robberies occurred in the neighborhood between June 18 and 23. After an investigation, sheriff's deputies located several of the stolen bicycles among a collection of bikes at a transient camp near Wolfe Road and Highway 280. Deputies arrested the man living at the camp, who they believe stole the bikes.

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