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Help Wanted
Cupertino--The dark side of what the Chamber of Commerce terms the "booming economy" surfaced for Cupertinians last week when the plug was pulled on the ever-popular Taste of Cupertino for the first time for lack of help. Local restaurateurs, 10 to 13 of whom usually participate in the annual event, said they were short-staffed because too many workers have fled into the dotcom sunset. Gabriel Oller of Clark's Charcoal Broiler, who's short on cooks, says having a booth at Taste of Cupertino would have meant begging his own family and friends to lend a generous hand.

Culture Shock
Campbell--A band of seven teachers from Spain, scheduled to work in Campbell Union School District (CUSD), arrived Aug. 11 and checked in at a Motel 6 while they began their arduous search for shelter in the Valley. The Spanish educators, part of the district's Exchange Visitor Program, committed to staying in Campbell for three years teaching some classes in Spanish, but most in English. Jane Petty, CUSD deputy superintendent, is excited that the kids will glean much of Spanish culture. Lucky for the foreign recruits, Petty and the district quickly rallied to find them somewhat affordable housing.

Men Overboard
Willow Glen--Scott Nelson, born and raised in Willow Glen, is now a hero in the Pacific. He initially fled this area to raise his son on the island of Oahu. Now a local fisherman, Nelson's saving folks who have shipwrecked in the coastal waters of his new homeland. After hearing a distress call over the radio, he managed to pinpoint a capsized boat five miles away, bobbing up and down in the water. Nelson saw three men struggling next to it and hailed the Coast Guard, which airlifted one, later pronounced dead, to a nearby hospital. The other two he hoisted onto his boat to safety.

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