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Goat's Head Dupe
Sunnyvale--'Twould be a grisly thing indeed to spy a human head among the 1,000 tons of garbage that flow into the Sunnyvale Materials Recovery and Transfer station every day. That's just what one worker thought she did see last Wednesday, a revelation which prompted a crew of Sunnyvale cops and garbage workers to sort through about 100 tons of trash in search of the noxious noggin. All they turned up were a goat's head, a large ham wrapped in a garbage bag and some rotting coconuts.

School Frays
Willow Glen--In their displeasure over the imminent arrival of Broadway High School in their backyards, parents and neighbors of John Muir Middle School have pulled out the big guns: letters from Assemblyman Jim Cunneen and state Sen. Byron Sher urging the school board to reconsider Broadway's placement. On July 1, the San Jose Unified school board approved one end of a field on the middle school campus as the new home for Broadway, a high school for kids who have dropped out of other San Jose schools. Parents say they were ignored during the decision-making process, and one group is even hinting darkly at a lawsuit against the school board. Superintendent Dr. Linda Murray maintains the proceedings were quite public and stands by the board's decision.

Bigbucks A-comin'
Campbell--Downtown Campbell has struggled to its feet at last, and Starbucks has not missed the development. The Seattle-based coffee giant has submitted architectural plans to the city to 'Buck up the retail space on Campbell Ave and Third Street, which has neighboring Orchard Valley Coffee feeling jittery about more than that last double espresso. There's space next to Starbucks for lease, too. Betting starts now on whether it'll be a Jamba Juice, a Noah's Bagels or a Gap.

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