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Super Scooper
Campbell--It's definitely a dog's life for Campbell local Cassandra Robinson. Robinson, owner of K-9 Cleanup (the name just gives it away), enjoys being boss--especially when removing unsavory doggie-doo allows her to catch a few rays. Robinson's service, meant to aid owners too pooped to scoop, costs a sensible $30 a month and keeps the former machinist bending over for more. With business booming, job security a definite, and minimal competition, Robinson was willing to divulge her secrets: cover the yard when the dog's not looking, dump the evidence and leave a treat as you exit. "I'm doing this until I die," she quips.

Wine and Whine
Saratoga--The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors gave Mountain Winery a thumbs up to continue its operations as a concert hall, restaurant, wedding and business-meeting venue. But the Saratoga Trail Enthusiasts--the nonprofit advocacy organization for the city's trails--are still kicking up the dust over road use. The enthusiasts say winery-associated traffic on Pierce Road impacts bikers, pedestrians and equestrians who use the road since there are no trails running parallel to it. They believe the traffic data in the environmental report, on which the supervisors based their decision, is inaccurate.

Animal House
Los Gatos--As if housing for homo sapiens wasn't bad enough, the costs for lodging Valley strays are also facing a climb. Due to recent changes in state law requiring longer stays before an animal can be euthanized, Santa Clara's Humane Society will end its service contract in June 2001. The result? Increased costs down on the animal farm. Los Gatos will shell out $647,472 towards the creation of Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority. Buying and revamping the Humane Society's existing shelter will cost approximately $3 million--certainly not chicken feed.

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