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Faulty Planning
Evergreen Valley--Experts are telling prospective homeowners that new houses sprouting up in East San Jose's newest residential community won't collapse in flame and rubble. But nobody can absolutely promise that it won't happen.

Talking Trash
Willow Glen--Some Willow Glen residents are harboring less-than-charitable feelings about the Salvation Army, after a donation trailer left them buried--first in trash, then in red tape.

The Real World
Saratoga--The human geography of the West Valley Middle College classroom follows predictable high school trends: noisy toward the back rows, quiet along the sides, and motionless in front, where earnest gazes and good posture prevail. So, they're not all precocious eggheads.

Serious Games
Berryessa--In yet another twist in the tale of the Berryessa School District's problems with fired principal Lorna Manning, another Morrill Middle School teacher has filed a complaint against the district with the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC), charging that she suffered age, race, and disability discrimination because of her support of Manning.

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