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Burning Rubber
Los Gatos--It seems former Ferrari of Los Gatos owner Rex Brian Burnett has been running on empty for years now. Burnett, who was recently arrested on bankruptcy and bank fraud charges, forgot to report the sale of a $112,000 Ferrari during his bankruptcy proceedings. It also seems Burnett was slow to learn his lesson. He allegedly made false statements to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in connection with a bankruptcy filing back in 1994, as well as false promises to deliver spanking new cars to their owners. Burnett will appear in federal court in San Jose on Sept. 7. The only question is, what is he going to drive?

It's in the Mail
Saratoga--Traveling from the Central Valley to San Jose is no easy commute. But for a few fraud-inspired thieves, the price was definitely right. Investigators with the Santa Clara County sheriff's office identified several suspects they believe fraudulently cashed thousands of dollars in altered checks. The checks, pilfered from residential mailboxes primarily in Saratoga and Los Altos Hills, were deposited into a credit union in Fresno County. The suspects stole outgoing mail from mailboxes, got the checks, changed the name of the payee and, of course, upped the dollar amount.

Safety Hazard
Cupertino--Putting a new spin on "making our schools safe," the Fremont Unified School District has told students that the gaping open holes found at various area high schools aren't dangerous. Numerous trenches and holes exposing utility lines around Fremont High School's campus will greet returning students, but not to worry, the construction's for a good cause: an enviably fast Internet connection. Fremont Principal Pete Tuana said, "These improvements aren't just for the next five years, they're for the next thirty." Now that's a long-lasting face-lift.

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