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Deerly Unloved
Saratoga--A pox on all those woodland creatures! First it was bobcats and coyotes stealing Fluffy's kibbles, and now it's Bambi and friends breaking into the garden to wreak havoc upon the carefully landscaped yards of Saratoga's citizens. The City Council and the Planning Commission have pledged to address the problem by revising some key ordinances, among them one that limits front fence heights to three feet. Of course, the regulations state that "no fence shall unreasonably impede the movement of wildlife animals" that use trails, even through private property--but surely the protection doesn't extend to uninvited deer who saunter through people's yards like they own the place--right?

Annex This
Los Gatos--Angry county residents showed up last week at a Town Council meeting to squawk about Los Gatos' intentions to swallow up eight pockets of unincorporated land. As swell as Los Gatos is, county residents like Christian Evanson think the town's fussy ordinances and webs of red tape are for the birds--or The Cats, as the case may be. Although no one at the meeting spoke favorably of annexation, the council is plowing right ahead with the process anyway, claiming it was the county's idea and that there are plenty of residents who are just dying to get into Club Kitty.

Cable Guy
Campbell--Police are still looking for a TCI subcontractor who allegedly molested a 10-year-old girl in her Campbell home last weekend. Carlos Anariba, 26, was installing a cable line in the girl's bedroom when he made "inappropriate contact" with her while her mother was in another room. Turns out Anariba is a registered sex offender with a prior record of indecent exposure and molesting children. The subcontractor, B&H Communications, refused to comment on the incident.

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