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Urban Survival Tip #2

[whitespace] Best Place to Get Your Bearings

Sick of stopping at gas stations to ask directions only to find out that the attendant just moved to town and can't tell anyone a damn thing? With just a touch of organization and a little do-re-mi, all navigational woes can be solved by the California State Automobile Association. Membership ($35 annual fee) offers a number of perks, but perhaps the most useful is free maps. Unlimited free maps. A teeming infestation of free maps--all the cartography a driver could ever hope to use. With the money saved from driving around in circles, members break even in no time.
5340 Thornwood Drive, San Jose, 408/629-1911, Other locations in Cupertino, Los Gatos, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Santa Clara and Sunnyvale.

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From the September 17-23, 1998 issue of Metro.

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