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What's Inside ...

[whitespace] Takeshi's Great Adventure
How Takeshi the Cartoonist Came to San Jose, and What Befell Him There

Readers Survey
The best by ballot, fair and square

Wiseacre Acre
Readers get smart

Valley in Verse
Readers commune with the Muse

Editor's Picks
Opinionated writers sound off

  • Nosherama: Food & Libations
  • Shoptopia: Goods & Services
  • Funkytown: Arts & Entertainment
  • Playlandia: Sports & Recreation
  • Brainscape: People, Places & Ideas

    The Taste Tests
    Highly scientific ratings of junque food

  • Best Pizza: By Richard vonBusack
  • Best French Fries: By Justin Berton
  • Best Brew Pub: By Broos Campbell
  • Best Ice Cream: By Traci Hukill

    Urban Survival Tips
    Little-known facts about life in the Valley.

  • Best Way to Get to Santa Cruz
  • Best Place to Get Your Bearings
  • Best Place to Vent Road Rage
  • Best Place to Ditch the Car
  • Best Clean Kitty Box

    Assorted Troublemakers

    Scribbling & Pontificating
    J. Douglas Allen-Taylor, Cecily Barnes, Trystan L. Bass, Justin Berton, Broos Campbell, David Cohen, Dara Colwell, Steve Enders, Will Harper, Traci Hukill, Eric Johnson, Jeff Kearns, Michael Learmonth, Kelly Luker, Ryan McCrosslin, Tai Moses, Dan Pulcrano, Sarah Quelland, Jim Rendon, Ann Elliott Sherman, Mary Spicuzza, Richard von Busack, Heather Zimmerman

    Editing & Checking
    Corinne Asturias, Broos Campbell, Anne Gelhaus, Tai Moses, Dan Pulcrano, Sharan Street

    Organizing & Worrying
    Traci Hukill

    Doodling & Painting
    Takeshi Tadatsu

    Aiming & Shooting
    Christopher Gardner

    Designing & Directing
    Foster Barnes and Bob Gower

    Producing & Assisting
    Marty Stevens and Shannon Stillman

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  • From the September 17-23, 1998 issue of Metro.

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