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Urban Survival Tip #3

[whitespace] Best Place to Vent Road Rage

From Marin to Morgan Hill, from San Jose to Sonoma, Bay Area residents hate the traffic that engulfs every highway and byway. But, unlike schizoid L.A. drivers who carry guns in their cars and vent hot lead at anyone who cuts them off, Bay Area drivers hop onto the Info Superhighway to bitch and moan at John Rinck's I Hate Bay Area Traffic Web site. This site has byte after byte of bile and invective from people who hate rush hour, carpool-lane cheaters, tailgaters, speeders, slow drivers, gawkers, weavers, car phones, freeway design, merging, public transportation, the DMV, traffic signals, old people, pedestrians, bicyclists and every other aspect of driving in the Bay Area. The site is updated frequently, and the language isn't always pretty. But at least nobody gets killed.

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From the September 17-23, 1998 issue of Metro.

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