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Urban Survival Tip #4

[whitespace] parking garage Best Place to Ditch the Car

Finding a parking spot in Palo Alto on a busy night can test the patience of a Zen master. But while cars clog the streets in the same holding pattern, circling the block over and over, there's almost always a spot somewhere in the parking garage under City Hall. The three-level concrete underbelly of City Hall is just a block from University Avenue and an easy walk from almost anywhere in downtown, but best of all, it's always free. During business hours, level A is open to the public with a three-hour limit, and levels B and C are for permit holders only. But after 5pm, all levels are open to anyone. The garage entrance stays open until 11pm and the exits never close.
250 Hamilton Ave., Palo Alto, 650/329-2571

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From the September 17-23, 1998 issue of Metro.

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