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Urban Survival Tip #5

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What it takes to stay awake on the Highway to Hell--what some people call 880--is something like a supersize soda or an extra-tall latte. Big mistake. After crawling up or down the freeway in rush-hour traffic, even the toughest bladder is in a state of emergency. But that's just the beginning of the bad news. Bay Area freeways may be the most difficult place in America to find a convenient, not to mention sanitary, restroom. Fortunately there is an oasis at the Mowry exit in Fremont. If you can wait, it's well worth it. On the east side of the freeway, just over the overpass to the right side, is a Chevron Station blessed with immaculately kept restrooms. Always stocked with an ample supply of toilet paper, seat guards, hand soap and paper towels, the Ladies Room here also features silk flowers in a pot scattered with sweet-smelling potpourri to lend a pleasant, homey touch. This Chevron also has a friendly staff and a good selection of merchandise--plus the inside store is open 5am-midnight.
Chevron restroom, 501 Mowry Ave. at Farwell, Fremont, 510/790-2977

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From the September 17-23, 1998 issue of Metro.

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