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Trail of Fears
Sunnyvale--Sunnyvale residents surprised a lot of people three years ago when they balked at the idea of a trail along Stevens Creek, citing concerns about safety. The council promptly dropped the matter, but the town could face pressure to tackle it again as the trail slowly develops on either end of Sunnyvale. This month Cupertino begins a yearlong technical study of its portion of the trail, and Mountain View--which has spent nearly $10 million and 10 years on its segment--is working on filling in some gaps within the city limits. If Sunnyvale joins in the fun, the trail will run contiguously from the Stevens Creek reservoir to the Bay.

Attaboy, Attaway!
Los Gatos--Who knew the mother of all Los Gatos parties would have such epic reverberations throughout Brazil? In 1994, under Randy Attaway's Los Gatos mayorship, the Brazilian men's national soccer team came to town to claim the World Cup and redefine the meaning of "nice legs" for the citizens of Los Gatos. The accompanying townwide party was such a success that event architect Attaway received the National Order of the Southern Cross for his hard work--the highest honor that country bestows upon non-Brazilians. Attaway was honored at a Sept. 7 ceremony for Brazilian Independence Day in San Francisco.

A Fine Day
Cupertino--Everyone remember the bumper sticker that says, "It will be a fine day when schools have all the money they need and the Navy has to hold a bake sale to buy bombers"? Well, Lincoln Elementary School has a colorful new set of playground equipment, but the community had to raise $22,000 to get it. Just to show shallow pockets don't equal small hearts, the school district is doing its part and installing the new equipment, free of charge. No word on the Navy's bakery.

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