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Go Skate
Los Gatos--After affirming their commitment to the skatepark at Vasona Lake County Park, the Los Gatos Town Council unanimously voted to place temporary wood ramps on a concrete lot at a specific location in the park, if the county agrees to it. The park is owned by Santa Clara County, and any changes to it would need the approval of county officials. The major caveat, however, is funding. The council mandated that if the cost exceeds the budgeted amount of $250,000, the council could change its decision to move forward with the project.

Sign Sins
Saratoga--Three long-standing commercial signs at the corner of Pierce Road and Congress Springs Road are likely to come down soon; all violated a city sign ordinance and apparently remained unnoticed by Mountain Winery officials and city planners for years. In recent weeks, a wary citizen alerted officials in the city's code enforcement department that the signs, pointing drivers to the Mountain Winery, Saratoga Springs picnic ground and Savannah Chanel Winery, violated the code.

Potential Museum
Sunnyvale--On Sept. 18, the Sunnyvale City Council unanimously voted to have the houses and property located at 161 and 167 N. Sunnyvale Avenue appraised, a move that signifies the city's interest in purchasing the historical structures and converting them into a historical museum. The houses are listed at $1.8 million each. The city has many historical artifacts in storage that need a permanent home.

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