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The results are in and counted. The winners are ...

At first they started trickling in--five, six, seven a day, not too much to handle for our summer intern, who dutifully logged the results of this year's Readers Survey into a Mac in the back corner of our office. But by the final week of the ballot's run, responses were flooding in faster than they could be counted. Stacks accumulated on desks, and free pizza had to be offered as an inducement to those who would help with the counting. With the online surveys, an even more feverish onslaught ensued. A new ballot would pop into the special "Best Of" email box every five or ten minutes.

Along the way some responses lightened up the load. From "Best DJ" ("a dead DJ") to "Best Solution to Traffic Woes" ("flying cars") they had us chuckling. But when it came down to answers on what to do when stock options crumble, we appeared to have hit a nerve. Many opted for popping open a six-pack, or a bottle of champagne, and in some cases only hard liquor would do. Others most popularly reported that, minus their options, they'd probably "move" or just plain "cry." What the results don't reveal is the high number of readers who also suggested one of many forms of suicide--getting a gun, jumping off a bridge, hanging from a noose. Perhaps next year we'll include a category for Best Psychiatrist.

People care! That's what all this ballot-tallying tells us. And Metro readers know this valley inside out. True, some voters took the too-easy way out by naming ubiquitous corporate giants. It was kind of a long ballot. A few little champs came through, however. In other news of note, there seemed to be some befuddlement this year over what New American cuisine really is. We set our sights on trendy nouvelle cuisine, but what we got in many cases were names of good ol' American fast-food joints. That's right, In-n-Out Burger nearly toppled the likes of Eulipia, California Cafe and E&O Trading Company for Best New American cuisine! That proves it--anything is possible. Keep reading, valley dwellers.

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From the September 28-October 4, 2000 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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