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Just Say Gore
Sunnyvale--Imagine the scene: there's an opening band, a rather restless, frenzied crowd waiting for the second act, Sunnyvale's sweltering heat and an elongated speech. Yep, politics as usual--or in this particular case, a Gore campaign stop. The vice-president's tardiness provided state Assembly candidate Mike Honda ample time to toot his own horn, but as word spread that Gore had finally arrived, Honda thanked the crowd for their patience and asked them to "thank God for Al and Joe." Gore quickly eased onto the podium and told onlookers that choosing him was like choosing a new future.

A Park, Dude
Los Gatos--Local skateboarders and their supporters rolled forward, with the unanimous support of the Town Council, to review two possible skatepark sites in this town. Several of the dozen skaters present took their turn at the mic. "Many businesses do not appreciate the presence of skateboarders on their property," Will Calhoun told the council. "But skateboarders mean no harm; they're just looking for a good time." After the meeting, Councilman Jan Hutchins said the project still had a number of obstacles to clear, no pun intended.

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