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Redevelopment Agency

Honcho Heavy

Until the departure of Mark Nelson, the former director of program development, all but two of the agency's 10 top positions were held by men. The women occupy slots nine and ten. Two of the 10 are people of color. Nelson has yet to be replaced.

In other words, 20 percent of the agency's highest-paid employees are women or people of color. In contrast, nearly half--44 percent--of Santa Clara County's civilian labor force are women, and 38 percent are people of color. The agency says it is making every effort to improve the diversity of its top ranks, but thus far, it says, there's a paucity of women and people of color with the depth of real estate and development experience required for these positions.

Name Position Annual Salary
Frank Taylor Executive Director $150,894
Richard Rios Deputy Executive Director $138,340
Michael Eshoff* Dir. Finance & Administration $122,683
Robert Ryan* Dir. Project Management $122,683
John Weis* Dir. Neighborhood & Indust. Develop. $119,413
Jim Forsberg* Assistant Executive Director $112,362
vacant* Dir. Program Development $108,830
Bob Leininger Deputy Executive Director $95,701
Carol Beddo* Assistant to the Executive Dir. $91,354
Monica Gallardo* Negotiations Officer $87,438

*Includes a 24.3 percent cash payment in lieu of standard benefits.

Source: City of San Jose Human Resources dept. and San Jose Redevelopment Agency

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From the October 3-9, 1996 issue of Metro

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