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It's Classifieds
Campbell--When Campbell police processed an inebriated Angel Mendoza, they found a newspaper clipping about three San Jose robberies in his wallet. Mendoza seemed to fit the description of one of the article's subjects all too well and the police, reading between the lines, brought him in. "It's a little odd that you would have a specific news clipping for robberies," said San Jose police spokesman Rubens Dalaison. "In our work, it's called a clue."

McLabor Shortage
Willow Glen--Not immune to the increasing demand for workers in the high-tech sector, local retail and service-oriented businesses, unable to offer high wages and big perks, are left scrambling to find workers to keep up shop. "Santa Clara County is the third lowest of 58 counties in the state in terms of unemployment," said Ruth Kavanagh of the Employment Development Department. With no stock options, bonuses or IPOs, the service industry is suffering from high turnover. Until the economy takes a downturn, well, it looks like you'll have to flip yer own burger.

What's in a Name
Cupertino--70-year-old Walt Weightman is an airhead and he's proud of it. A member of the Bay Area Airbrush and Mixed Media Association, Weightman teaches the artform at Fremont Union High School District Adult Education classes. "We wanted to get airbrush people together," said Weightman, a retired mechanical engineer from San Jose. "They're usually a pretty fragmented group." So, the fellow airheads have met since 1997 and, like most valley groups, have their own website.

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