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Into the Groove
Campbell--With Napster currently on the backburner, the latest generation of music startups has learned that access to the electronic jukebox is as easy as asking permission. ULTRAViBE.com, a local six-person company, is attempting to go where music pirates fear to tread: straight to the artists. Says Paul Finck, ULTRAViBE's president/CEO, "We feel strongly that if you want a piece of the music industry you need to add something instead of trying to steal what these people have worked so hard to develop." The recipe to success is easy: get the artists' consent and then ... rock on.

Bad Tooth
Cupertino--Sunnyvale orthodontist Roy P. Christian stands accused of battery on his ex-fiancée and threats to cause great bodily injury in an alleged knife attack. The former fiancée says she went to police and came forward because she believes the community should know that a health care professional has been accused of physical abuse: "His patients respect him and they have no idea," she says.

Party's Over
Saratoga--Eight Santa Clara County sheriff's officers went undercover at Saratoga's Wildwood Park last week, arresting 17 people--mostly minors--for violations ranging from possession of alcohol and tobacco to urinating in public. The officers, some in plain clothes and some in uniform, used night vision goggles to search out their party animal prey. One 23-year-old got shot in the hand after pulling out a fake gun.

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