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Federal Case
Saratoga--TV station KICU may have succeeded in taking Channel 6 from KSAR and KCAT for now, but the Saratoga and Los Gatos public access stations aren't going to just roll over for the big boys. The two local stations, both now found on Channel 15, were all set to take AT&T (of which TCI Cable is a subsidiary) to state court for breach of contract when AT&T asked to move the case to federal court. AT&T contends the issue is the federal "must-carry" law that forces AT&T to broadcast KICU on whatever channel it wants. Los Gatos Town Attorney Orry Korb says it's just a tactic to create delay and confusion.

Bond Aid
Cupertino--All good things must be maintained, and nobody knows that better than De Anza and Foothill Colleges. De Anza, which serves 25,000 students now compared to 4,000 when it opened in 1967, has been patching rooftops and plugging holes for a long time. At Foothill they're trying to teach computer programming in rooms with just one electrical outlet. Community colleges receive about one-third the dollar amount per student ($3,839) from the state that University of California schools do, and neither De Anza nor Foothill College has had bond support since 1972. Now the joint district is lobbying for a $248 million bond to help bring the aging campuses up to standard.

Junk Yard
Sunnyvale--Two Sunnyvale elementary schools are without playgrounds until March while a contractor cleans up the mess it made. The city of Sunnyvale chipped in $330,000 to upgrade the play fields at Braly and Ponderosa schools so residents could use them during nonschool hours, only to find "very nasty" weed problems and unevenly pitched fields upon the job's completion. Zolman Construction will begin making repairs next week.

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