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Home Sweet Home
Los Gatos--Those searching for high-end housing could well go off the deep end with Hillsborough's Tobin-Clark mansion. What, exactly, does the buyer get for its $45 million asking price? The 70-year-old estate features six acres of landscaped, hilltop grounds, a pool, stone cabana and cascading waterfall, nine bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, main and service kitchens, a bar room, a gigantic media room, a wine vault, an original elevator and a six-car garage. The current homeowner, who wants to simplify his life, has advertised as far away as Saudi Arabia.

I Spot the Sheriff
Saratoga--As if there weren't enough police officers patrolling the streets, Santa Clara County has decided to increase the number of sheriff's deputies during commute hours. The city is responding to the sharp increase in complaints residents have made about traffic congestion, particularly around schools. The public safety commission asked the sheriff's office to draft a proposal to increase traffic patrols during commute hours, since their statewide data on traffic show that most accidents occur on weekdays between 7am and 9pm. Time to check those speedometers, folks.

Shopping Maul
Willow Glen--It's official, Willow Glen Shopping Center is open for business and we're talking big names, baby. Hollywood Video and Burger King are moving in, and center manager Joe Kovalik is eagerly courting other chains to attract family-oriented business. "We really like to work with Mom and Pop tenants," Kovalik said. "But there comes a time when no one's willing to open a family-owned video store or family-owned coffee shop. It's nice to see national companies as excited to come in here as we are." Uh-oh, sounds like there might be yet another Starbucks in the hood.

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