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Anonymous Slur?
Willow Glen--It arrived in a plain, white business envelope with no return address. Last week, an anonymous letter was sent to members of the Willow Glen Business and Professional Association, calling for the impeachment of the group's board of directors. Also slipped inside: an offensive anti-gay cartoon targeting Ken Yeager. While nobody seems to know where the mailer came from, both sides of the District 6 City Council race have made accusations. The letter's signature apparently read "Phil Rossignol," a supporter of Yeager's opponent, Kris Cunningham. Rossignol denied writing the letter. "That letter is a complete forgery," he said. "I would have to be stupid to publish something like that."

Fenced Off
Saratoga--Paul and Sophia Huang erected a wrought-iron fence around their 3-acre property after one of their two pet sheep, Juliet, was attacked and killed by neighborhood dogs. Now, the couple --who returned the other sheep, Romeo, to a farm in Santa Cruz--want to keep the fence standing to protect their 2-year-old twin sons. "I don't believe that protection of one's children requires fencing an entire 3-acre property, no matter how long and narrow it is, or whatever the situation is," said Commissioner Margaret Patrick on Oct. 25. She also said she did not think a wrought-iron fence has a place in the hillsides.

Coach Charged
Campbell--The district attorney's office filed an additional charge against former Westmont High School girls' softball coach Todd Lafferty, bringing the number of alleged victims up to four. Lafferty now faces seven charges involving sexual acts with minors between 1996 and 2000. "I loathe that person for taking a young girl's trust--a family's trust--and stomping on it," said the father of one of the victims.

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