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November 9-15, 1995


    Bones of Contention: A San Jose developer wants to build a golf course atop a Native American sacred site in San Jose. Didn't he see Poltergeist? Laura Stuchinsky reports.

Arts & Entertainment

    Superflys and Foxy Brown: Cheaply made and often crudely stereotypical, the blacksploitation film nonetheless shattered Hollywood stereotypes. Nicky Baxter screens the films, which play at the Towne Theater in San Jose through November 23.

    Addicted to Blood: A vampire film like no other, Abel Ferrara's "The Addiction" transcends the genre. Reviewed by Richard von Busack.

    Also reviewed: "Kicking and Screaming"

    "212 Degrees Fahrenheit" exhibit looks at gang violence from the inside out

    Beat Street
    Beat Street Todd Inoue on Pearl Jam's San Jose layover

    Stupid is as stupid does in comics both big-time and local

    Pizzicato Five Japan's neo-disco-lounge act are unreliable, capricious, willful, luxurious, affected, lying, dubious, random. . . and, well, cute

    Prince is dead, long live "npg" and its new album, The Gold Experience

    'Arcadia,' by Tom Stoppard, plays at the Stage Door Theater in San Francisco

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