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Lady in Blue
Willow Glen--San Jose Police Department is looking for a few good women. While recruiting anyone to work for less than a dotcom salary is a stiff challenge in this area, the PD has seen an increase in the number of women who think they've got the right stuff. Willow Glen resident officer Rochelle Goede says the best police officers are the ones with good communication skills.

"I've talked my way out of a lot more things than I've fought my way out of," she says. "Women and men can very equally share those skills."

Nest Building
Cupertino--Tim Jew, firefighter/engineer--and now, author extraordinaire--hopes to complete his NEST within 30 days. It's just not the type you'd store eggs in. NEST, the Non-English Speaking Tool, is a book Jew has worked to assemble for about a year. The book lists phrases in different languages, important in the work of firefighters so they can handle emergency situations involving non-English speakers despite language barriers.

"As a firefighter, it's frustrating to be unable to help someone because you can't communicate with them," he says.

Campbell--Our local Guide Dogs for the Blind Inc. has paired approximately 7,500 guide dogs with visually impaired individuals. Scott Garcia, a 2000 Westmont High School graduate, is a puppy raiser and a future vet. He is realistic about giving back a dog that has adored him, and vice versa, pointing to a Westmont Future Farmers of America (FFA) agriculture program that prepared him well for loss.

"I personally raised three animals that went to the slaughterhouse, so I don't get attached to animals that much," Garcia said.

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