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Headmaster Hunt
Los Gatos--Never underestimate the power of the PTA. Sarah Collins Bayne, headmaster of the private Hillbrook School and a bee in the bonnet of some parents and faculty, is being charged with the misdemeanor of failing to report a suspected case of child abuse. A year ago a third-grader showed up at school with red marks on his face, saying his mother had slapped him for not eating his breakfast. Bayne says she spoke with the parents and placed an anonymous call to Child Protective Services in San Francisco, but investigators say they've found no record of the call. By state law, people who work with children must report cases of suspected abuse.

Longs Shot
Willow Glen--The idea of a Longs Drug Store on boutiquey Lincoln Avenue has raised the ire of Glenites from the get-go, but as idea becomes reality things are getting worse. Longs architects say the drugstore, which wants to be a "good neighbor," will blend in just fine, but at least one critic thinks the plan "screams out 'Longs.' " To the concerns of merchants who fear Longs will hurt their business, Longs architect George Ramstad says, "That's capitalism." Warms the cockles, eh?

Scout's Dishonor
Palo Alto--Palo Alto's pending anti-discrimination ordinance threatens to send its local Boy Scout troops packing from their 50-year home in the Lucie Stern Community Center. The city's ordinance would boot the Scouts because their national charter excludes gays and atheists from joining the ranks. Unanimously upheld by the city's Human Relations Commission and modeled on laws passed by other cities including San Francisco and Oakland, the ordinance forbids Palo Alto from doing business with anyone who discriminates. In a move that won't win them any merit badges for courage, the Council decided to continue studying the issue.

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