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Megan's Legacy
Megan's Law was supposed to make parents and children feel safer, but in one Fremont neighborhood, it seems to have just made everyone more afraid.

Concrete Evidence
Cupertino--The Kaiser Cement Company has been put on notice by a state environmental regulatory agency that it needs to stop allowing sediment to cloud Permanente Creek. The gray water was first noticed by Cupertino residents last April after heavy rains washed sediment into the creek from Kaiser's quarrying operation in the Cupertino foothills.

Kung Fuel
Los Gatos--Andrew Fanelli, 28, surprised many voters earlier this month by being the youngest candidate voted onto the Los Gatos Union School District board. The shock of the newcomer's election has led to a spate of rumors ranging from whether Fanelli is really a Los Gatos resident to why he called himself a "teacher" on the ballot. Fanelli counters that he does live in town, in a cottage he rents from his parents, and was advised by the registrar of voters that it was OK to list himself as a teacher, since he is a teacher of martial arts.

Garbage Out
Sunnyvale--Trash never dies, it just gets sorted better. For the second straight year, the Sunnyvale Materials Recovery and Transfer Station--or SMaRT Station as it's known--has reached the state-mandated goal of reducing waste by 50 percent before the year 2000. In fact, the city-owned SMaRT station, which also services Palo Alto and Mountain View, has exceeded its goal, diverting 52 percent of the more than 1,100 tons of garbage the station receives each day.

People's Court
Sunnyvale--In an effort to create more efficient county courts, the Sunnyvale Municipal Court will stop hearing small claims and traffic complaints and start hosting felony criminal cases, Presiding Judge Jack Komar said this week. Residents who wish to dispute traffic violations or petty squabbles will now have to travel to a Palo Alto court. The change, which will take place in January, Komar said, has not been welcome news for all residents or Sunnyvale public safety officers.

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