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2003 Gift Guide

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Right On! Gift for Sis
Knitwear from Nigel Who? Boutique

Although the whole name thing is confusing, Ronnie Glenn Bogle is the designer behind Willow Glen's Nigel Who? Clothing Boutique, which opens Dec. 1. Bogle has been designing knitwear for boutiques for the past eight years, and has dressed celebrities such as Sandra Bernhard and the musical group Delight. At his new boutique, knitwear is made to order on two computerized knitting machines into which Bogle feeds his designs. Customers can choose from 555 patterns, almost as many colors, and can even get a scarf and hat made to match. Your sister will be surprised to find just how chic you are. Prices range depending on size and pattern.

Nigel Who? Boutique
1077 Lincoln Ave., San Jose, 408.271.9125

Right On! Gift for Bro
Art and clothing at Fresh Produce, Holiday Art Fair at Anno Domini Gallery

Whether Bro likes the alien stylings of Mars or the psychedelic collages of Ezra Li Eismont, or if he might just like a cool sticker for his skateboard, button for his jacket, or Lomo camera, you'll be sure to please his fraternal fickleness with a piece of art, clothing, poster, CD, or book from San Jose's hippest anti-mall, Fresh Produce at Anno Domini. Over 70 artists from the U.S., England, Japan and Columbia are participating in this third annual holiday group exhibit. Each artist submits up to 10 works of original art, and A.D. makes them available for $5-$150. Check out some of the artists at www.galleryAD.com.

Anno Domini
150 S. Montgomery St. Unit B, between Park and San Fernando, San Jose, 408.271.5151, www.galleryAD.com

Right On! Gift for Dad
Slippers from Rocky Mountain Sheepskin

Face it: you're going to forget to take out the garbage again. And Dad is going to wake up at the piercing crack of dawn, and he's going to have to haul the stinky plastic can down to the curb, and it's going to be all dewy outside, and the neighbor's dog is going to have left its slobbery slime-covered chew-toy right on the driveway. Make things easier for dear old Dad with a pair of sheepskin Ranch Slippers ($49, on sale for $39.99 until Nov. 31). Lined with cushy fur, these shoelike slippers feature a hard rubber sole, suitable for stepping over whatever pops up in Dad's way.

Rocky Mountain Sheepskin
1008 Blossom Hill behind Wells Fargo, San Jose, 408.266.2110; 12374 Saratoga-Sunnyvale Rd., Saratoga, 408.996.9397

Right On! Gift for Mom
Balancing Toy from Quintessential Arts

Cindy, the owner of Quintessential Arts, seems to have a space in her heart for moms: any one of the objets d'art housed in this Santana Row shop would look right at home on your mother's mantelpiece. Among the maternal gems are a series of "Balancing Toys" from Authentic Models. These painted metal folk art pieces each balance on a tabletop frame by a pivot point, and will swing for hours if pushed gently. If pushed hard, they may flip out of the frame--which could be seen as a suitable metaphor for parent/child relationships, if one were philosophically inclined. If not, they sure are pretty anyway. Models include the Fearless Tiger leaping through a flaming hoop ($110) and a Victorian Santa ($65).

Quintessential Arts
377 Santana Row on Olsen across from the Winchester Mystery House.

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From the November 20-26, 2003 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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