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Colonnade Apartments
The Penal Colonnade
Residents of downtown San Jose's once swanky, redevelopment-subsidized Colonnade Apartments say the place has taken a fast and serious fall.

Uzis R Us
San Jose--Those pesky unwanted firearms! When they're not cluttering the closets they're maiming the neighborhood children. But county residents burdened by useless weaponry needn't suffer much longer: The Santa Clara County Police Chiefs Association and the San Jose Sharks are sponsoring the first "Sharks Gifts for Guns" swap on Dec. 5 between 11 am and 3pm in the Arena parking lot. On that day people can hand over guns to the accepting officers--no questions asked, no fingerprints taken--and in turn receive a Sharks ticket or gift certificate.

Alms to the Poor Schools
Cupertino--Could it be that the relentless march of inflation has overtaken the venerable school bake sale? Nowadays underfunded public schools like Cupertino's Lincoln Elementary have to peddle pricier goods in order to keep their facilities up to snuff--in Lincoln's case, $100 engraved bricks. Parents, concerned about the possible passage of a federal law that would require schools to replace aging playground equipment, got busy two weeks ago with the new project and have already drummed up $5,000, about a third of what's needed.

Little, Mellow, Different
Los Gatos--The Toll House Hotel's expansion plan refuses to go away altogether, but it gets smaller and humbler with each appearance before the Planning Commission. The latest chastened version of owner Wayne Levenfeld's dream palace includes 25 new rooms, 17 of which will be added onto the existing building in the form of a third floor. A scant eight rooms will make up the rear building that gave neighbors such a bellyache back in the summer. So far everyone seems happy, but only the Dec. 9 planning meeting will tell.

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