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Traffic Humps
Saratoga--Nowadays traffic isn't just restricted to the freeways. At Redwood Middle School parents have been parking in front of driveways, next to fire hydrants and stopping in the middle of the street to pick up and drop off their children. Traffic congestion around schools has become such a big problem that the district created a transportation task force this fall. While the task force attempts to find a solution, it wants to encourage those parents who have ignored school officials, called them names and even flipped them off to be good, obey the laws of the road and, for heaven's sake, set a good example for the children.

Walking With God
Sunnyvale--Rev. Steve Harrington knows the importance of "getting away from it all. " For the past 20 years, Harrington, a pastor at the Presbyterian Church of Sunnyvale, has led groups of people on rock climbing, camping and kayaking treks. The purpose of these excursions is to encourage people to get out of their routines and challenge themselves. "The trips open their eyes to their abilities when they've stretched themselves," Harrington said. "There's no growth without risk." Amen.

Sexual Assault
Cupertino--Santa Clara County sheriff's office arrested Joe Kus of Cupertino on two counts of sexual assault, two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, and one count of false imprisonment. Kus, 46, works as a termite exterminator, and was booked into the main jail after his arrest. The victim, a 35-year-old woman from Sonoma County who Kus had allegedly dated for several months before the incident, was reportedly pistol whipped in the face and forced to stay at Kus' residence overnight. She escaped when Kus fell asleep. Anyone with further information concerning this incident can contact Sgt. Larry Goodman at 408.299.2211.

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