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Virginity Revisited
It's never too late to become a card-carrying virgin. Anyone willing to swear off non-marital sex can become one. And for the technically correct: laser surgery.

Coming Soon:
And You Thought 90210 Was Dull
San Jose--San Jose may have the Tech Museum, the San Jose International Airport and a nifty Web site, but it remains one of the only cities in Silicon Valley without publicly broadcasted city council meetings. But that will soon change. At the Dec. 15 meeting, the council approved a conceptual plan for the installation of video equipment in its chambers. The completed Council Video System project will include five cameras controlled by robotics. The meetings will be telecast by TCI over Cable Channel 36A

Believe in Yourself
Monte Sereno--The Monte Sereno City Council wrapped up its last meeting of the year with a bitter exchange Dec. 15, as councilmembers and residents snapped at each other over the appointment of the city's new mayor. "I have no intention of resigning my position as mayor," mayor-elect Jack Lucas said in response to several objections made about him during a public hearing, including charges that he distributed hit pieces during the campaign. "I voted for myself because I feel I am the most knowledgeable, the most qualified, the most experienced and the strongest [choice] to lead our city."

LGPD Blues
Los Gatos--Recently on the town of the cats' police log: Preparing for Holiday Cheer in a Big Way--Dec. 14. A business reported that a $2,000 bottle of Cognac was taken during the night. Preparing for Holiday Cheer in a Little Way--Dec. 11. A suspect was arrested for taking a Lunchables brand snack from a grocery store. And from the I Wouldn't Have Called the Police But He Didn't Do the Dishes Department--Dec. 10. A resident reported that someone has been coming into her home during the day and eating her food, redecorating her Christmas tree and logging on to her computer.

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